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We are partnering with one of the leading independent hotel booking agencies with a world wide reputation. That means we have simply teamed up the best there is to offer you the perfect travel booking experience.

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We do not want complicated booking procedures. We want to find you the best prices for the days you want. From our booking form you will go direct to the Booking.Com website which will then give you all the prices based on our best price system.

With GifGaf (Costa Difference Ltd) you are dealing with a company that book hotels all the time. We are used to looking for a good deal. That is why it is so important to start the search with the basics with our search theme built in. We want you the end user to feel you are getting a good deal.

A little trick we use is to search one day away from when we need the stay to start. Then change the date in the results to the exact date. If the price does not alter you already have the best deal. If it goes up you know the hotel is in high demand and you might want to change your dates. However if it goes down you know that at the end of your stay the hotel will begin to get busy.